Ethiopia Smile

One Person at a Time

Ethiopia for us (Greg and I) was unexpected and testing.

The countryside is beautiful and grand, but the needs are great. The dental and medical needs are overwhelming, and even after seeing literally hundreds of patients, one could easily feel like it was just a drop in the bucket. It was so important to keep the perspective of “one person at a time”.

We could not fix all the needs, but was important to each person that we treated that we met their need! It was an experience we would not trade for anything. We are both pretty well travelled, all over the world, including other parts of Africa. However, Ethiopia is unique. The depth of poverty was startling, and the needs are profound, but underneath that stark need, there is an ancient culture that is proud, historic and ingrained. Unlike other African nations, Ethiopia was never colonized, and to those of us who are African or African American, Ethiopia was a country that galvanized us to seek freedom.

To only see Ethiopia in terms of there current poverty is to miss the rich and proud history of a country that God has used, is active in and will continue to touch and use. I look forward to going back.

Yasmin Easley, DDS