Ethiopia Smile

Chief Smile Giver

God led us to Ethiopia with the adoption of our first son in 2008.

The heart of our family was immediately captured by the country and its people. We began seeking ways to serve there and in a small way make a difference. This dream first became a reality in 2010 with the first EthiopiaSmile dental mission trip.

What began with a few phone calls to some dental friends, grew to a group God divinely knit together from all over the country, friends coming around the idea of loving people as Christ would. With each trip, lives are touched… those being treated for sure, but also those of us going. Once you’ve been to Ethiopia, you are never the same. Thankfully, life takes on a different perspective and a deeper meaning. Our plan is to continue going, delve deeper and deeper into the lives of Ethiopian friends and continue to humbly serve the people there.

EthiopiaSmile is not an organization, not a structured program, but relationships seeking to encourage each other to the things of Christ and how to live more fully in that light. Ethiopia is the gift that God has given us to live that out. Come join in the journey!

Moody and Emily Alexander