Ethiopia Smile


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Schedule will be updated as planning progresses.

Saturday: arrive
Sunday: travel to Awassa then Dube Bute
Monday and Tuesday: full day in Dube Bute, (dental, medical, baseball, VBS, other)
Wednesday: travel back to Addis, free afternoon
Thursday and Friday are dental days
Saturday: free day, flight home that night

Thank you guys for being willing to go be the hands and feet of Christ to the dear people of Ethiopia and using dentistry to love them. Begin praying now for a life changing experience!

In John 13, Jesus said “A new commandment i give to you, that you love one another” How are we to do that? He goes on, “just as I have loved you” He loves me unconditionally, for free, never failing. He finishes in v 35, “By this people will know you are my disciples” That’s the prayer of this trip! That the people of Ethiopia will indeed know us, and ultimately know Him, by our love.

817-528-5824 Moody 817-909-9343 Emily

Looking forward to serving together, Moody and Emily